The COLI market is ready for the web...

We at AFS realize that users of our technology are increasingly mobile and that participants in non-qualified benefit plans are becoming sophisticated users of online systems for their personal financial management. These trends, coupled with the growing complexity in the supplemental benefits industry, all strongly favor migration of software technology to a hosted, turnkey solution.

All the power of AFS Technology on-line... will offer all the strengths and functionality of the AFS Master System over the internet by providing the information, resources and tools necessary for designing, illustrating, and administering COLI-funded (Corporate Owned Life Insurance) non-qualified plans right on the web.

A virtual COLI consortium...

Leveraging the power of the web to create virtual communities around a specific market focus, will bring together the leading life insurance carriers, producer groups, industry professionals, and technology experts in the COLI-funded non-qualified benefits industry.


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