Our Goal-Driven Approach To Plan Design And Funding

Our innovative consulting approach ensures that the design and funding of executive benefit programs performs to their fullest potential based on clearly stated (and quantifiable) goals and objectives. At the heart of our process is a goal driven weighted scores methodology which adds clarity to the decision making process. We make an assessment of the current situation and the desired results and then explore the available options, optimize the use of multiple assets and/or asset classes, and score their relative performance and evaluate their ability to deliver the stated goals.



Assessment / Diagnosis
Where do I stand today? What do I want to achieve?
  • Fact finding, listening
  • Determine performance metrics
  • Diagnosis of existing process
Exploration of options
What are my options going forward?
  • Brain Storm available options
  • Develop practical alternatives
  • Analyze their financial and organizational impact
Evaluation and Scoring
Which course should we take and why is it best for us?
(This is key!)
  • Articulation of goals and metrics
  • Quantification of performance
  • Design, redesign, testing and scoring
Communication / Documentation
What is the rationale for making this decision? What will the impact be and why is this better than the alternatives.
  • The decision is clearly documented and can be readily communicated, defended and understood
Reevaluation and Adjustment
Where do we stand today? Are we getting the results we planned for and do we need to make adjustments?
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