COLI.com is an interactive web-based technology platform for the design, funding, enrollment, placement, and in-force re-funding analysis of supplemental benefit plans (nonqualified plans).

Online Illustration System

The AFS Master System can also be deployed through an on-line version of the system which includes all of the plan funding analysis features that are available in our desk top system.


  • Benefit modeling tools
  • Life insurance illustrations
  • Packaged sales presentations

Case Management

In addition to illustration and re-projection capabilities, COLI.com also supports Online Management of COLI Cases. The Case Management modules allow agents, carriers, and reinsurance parties to obtain a process-oriented and approval-based control of their cases by moving the case from illustration results through new case submission to the corresponding plan administrator, using an ACORD-compliant XML data structure. The system also provides agents with printed documentation for participants to streamline the sales process. 


•     Participant enrollment

•     Interface with online underwriting applications

•     Interface with carrier case coordinators

•     Preparation of approved policy applications

•     Submission of case data to policy administration

•     Repository of in-force policy administration data feeds

•     Repository of in-force benefits data changes

•     Capacity to model extensive changes in economic assumptions over time

•     Linking with Deferral.com online plan administration data

•     In-force resolving for appropriate funding amounts

•     Multiple authorization levels for agents, broker offices, plan participants, carrier marketing support, reinsurance support, and high-level administrators