AFS International
afs international

American Financial Systems Inc. (AFS) is not only a leader in the design, funding and administration of supplemental benefit plans for executives in the US; it is also a pioneer in the international markets.

Economic conditions and taxation regulations have a dramatic impact on the overall attractiveness and viability of specific opportunities in our industry, and every country has different and unique conditions.

This is the reason why succeeding in an international market is not only about applying existing experience or expertise, but it also requires an up-to-date, focused knowledge about each of the target markets - in many cases it is necessary to find answers to questions that not even local professionals will know easily!

The AFS Multinational System

The AFS Multinational System is a multiple-language, comprehensive proposal and reprojection system in English and Spanish. The system offers all the power and flexibility of the Master System with the additional capabilities of:

  • Accommodating multiple currencies
  • Varying tax treatments across multiple jurisdictions
  • Converting between languages at the touch of a button

The AFS Multinational System creates a single, standard platform for worldwide business.


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