Funding Administration

A well thought-out funding strategy and cost analysis is only a start. Any projection that is done will be different the next year due to the many variables and assumptions that inevitably change. In addition, there may be turnover in personnel, so the rationale for funding and the specific methodology used needs to be reviewed periodically.

The review process includes assessing what changes have occurred during the past year, in both assumptions and in participation (terminations from or new entrants into the plan) and providing a revised financial model, just like the one used initially, to review the current situation.

AFS is usually able to re-optimize the funding on an annual basis. That is, having considered all the changes, and consulting with the client about any changes they would like to see in assumptions and/or financial goals and objectives, we can re-optimize the current and future funding. This serves a critical role in making the funding work effectively for clients, and often leads to significantly greater client satisfaction.

This process is systematized and repeated annually so that each client, regardless of their plan type or funding methodology, goes through the same process to ensure that the plan continues to work effectively.


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