Plan Design

plan-design-afsAFS supports the work of financial advisors, retirement plan consultants, and other professionals in plan design by carefully assessing the sponsor's objectives in light of their specific circumstances. In addition, we thoroughly review any existing plans and help identify areas for improvement.

Our assessment weighs the often conflicting goals of both the plan sponsor and the employee in light of various financial constraints and plan features. Working with the plan sponsor and consultant we will help zero in on the plan design that is objectively the best in meeting the stated goals and objectives.

Among the non-qualified plan designs supported are:

  • Elective Deferred Compensation Plan
  • Defined Contribution Plan
  • Combination of Elective Deferrals and Corporate Contributions
  • Phantom Stock
  • Defined Benefit SERP Plans
  • After-tax Deferred Savings and Life Insurance Programs
  • Any of the above, maybe combined with a pre-retirement death benefit only ("DBO") or Endorsement-method Split Dollar plan.


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